About Us

Founded in 1984, Carousel Ads NY & DRN’s Corp has been growing through acquisitions that continuously expand our product offering to give our customers the truest sense of a One Stop Shop experience. 

Beginning with business cards & keychains, in and out of the demanding market of beepers, our product line still continues to expand.

In Brooklyn, NY, we operate a production facility from within our warehouse & offices. With over 20,000 sq ft & 24 employees, we want you to know, nobody can do it better than us. From Screen Printed T-Shirts for any occasion to Embroidered blazers or cardigans, we guarantee our work as it is all done in house. Working with us means absolutely no middle men or 3rd party companies. 

We warehouse 10’s of thousands of Graduation gowns with all the bells and whistles to go along with it. We also provide measuring services and create wonderful packages to include Diploma Cases to Teddy Bears and everything in between.


The technology moves quickly, so do we. We’ve recently added Direct-To-Garment printing along with a Wide-Format Digital printer. You can create any apparel or cotton based material now with Photographic images with the Direct-To-Garment process. Anything from a tote bag to a pillow – just ask & We’ll say yes. As for the Digital Wide-Format printer this means unlimited colors on Vinyl Banners or Bumper Stickers.

Apparel designers looking for more branding can manufacture their merchandise here and then have us attach custom Woven or Printed care labels with our CareLabel division. 

Custom web stores for your fundraising needs or school uniforms stores, we offer FREE web stores for just about any cause. We work with you to give you the solutions that help you.

Contact a sales rep today and see what we can do for you!